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Thermoflect Pediatric Apparel

Thermoflect Pediatric Apparel

Thermoflect Pediatric Apparel


  • Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology is the simple, safe and effective solution for preventing hypothermia and maintaining normothermia
  • The Thermoflect Total Access Gown is designed to provide maximum access to the surgical patient without compromising the benefits of patient warming
  • The unique 360 degree release strip provides quick separation for access to the surgical site and simple repositioning for transport to PACU
  • This multi-function gown can be easily configured in the four positions below as well as a multitude of others to address the specific needs of procedural positioning
  • Full Length for prewarming and recovery
  • Open Arm for chest or breast surgery
  • Upper Body Blanket for abdominal or lower body procedures
  • Lower Body Blanket for abdominal or upper body procedures


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