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Tender Grip

Tender Grip

Tender Grip


  • Variety of uses... Anaesthesia, Respiratory, Critical Care, Hospital, Nursing Home, Home-care
  • The Salter Labs Tender Grip consists of adhesive backing of microporous tape (tinted base) which is applied to the patients skin
  • On top of the tape base is fixation straps designed to position and secure cannula or other tubing in place
  • The Tender Grip is easy to apply, allows skin to breath, holds securely and leaves the fixed object clean and without messy residues
  • Adheres and secures where other products fail. Designed as an improvement to tape
  • Virtually no patient discomfort or irritation
  • Moisture resistant. Maintains adhesion. Designed for prolonged usage
  • Practically invisible when worn
  • Closure is simple to engage. Allows for limited tubing adjustment


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