Salter - Small Vol Jet Nebulizer Reuseable Nebutec

• Reusable - Single patient use
• Innovative design helps to increase the concentration of medication delivered per patient breath with less waste than conventional nebulizers
• Integral anti-drool feature incorporated
• Nebulizes 3 cc in less than 10 minutes in horizontal or vertical position
• Components are top shelf dishwasher safe or may be autoclaved or hand washed

• 8660/10   Nebulizer (reusable), mouthpiece (reusable), with 7’ supply tube (disposable)  BOX 10
• 8660/50   Nebulizer (reusable), mouthpiece (reusable), with 7’ supply tube (disposable)  BOX 50
• 8661/10   Nebulizer & mouthpiece only (reusable)  BOX 10
• 8682      Nebulizer (reusable), mouthpiece (reusable), 7’ supply tube (disposable) and filter (reusable)  BOX 50

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