Salter - 16Soft Oxygen Cannula

• For patients that want the comfort of soft
• Soft, 3-channel safety tubing minimizes kinking and disturbed oxygen flow
• Pliable, stretchable tubing feels soft and gentle to touch
• Redesigned slide bolo helps resist constant twisting
• Curved, soft prongs avoid feeling bothersome and intrusive
• Smooth, curved face piece conforms to natural anatomical face structure
• Available in a range of tubing lengths and low and high flow varieties

• 16SOFT-0-50   Adult Soft Nasal Cannula with 2” Connector without Tubing     BOX 50
• 16SOFT-7-50   Soft 7’ (2.13m) low-flow (0-6 LPM) cannula      BOX 50

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