Limb Board Ameritus

• Ameritus AccuBoards feature a formable core that gently conforms to baby, allowing small limbs to be comfortably positioned and stabilized during I.V. procedures
• Ameritus AccuBoards feature an aluminum core that may be easily contoured to virtually any shape and position for maximum patient comfort and support
• Soft, lightweight fabric and durable foam pad provide a gentle touch to fragile skin
• Ameritus AccuBoards are also available with soft, foam straps for securing the board to the patient
• Ameritus Limb-Boards feature a soft, spun fabric covering, thick foam padding, and an inner core designed for additional comfort and support
• Latex Free and DEHP Free
• Made in the USA

• 403AB   Neonatal   1.91 cm x 6.67 c BOX 48
• 403ABV  Neonatal  (With Straps) 1.91 cm x 6.67 cm  BOX 48
• 404AB   Infrant    4.13 cm x 9.85 cm BOX 48
• 404ABV  Infrant   (With Straps) 4.13 cm x 9.85 cm BOX 48
• 405AB   Pediatric  4.75 cm x 12.38 cm BOX 48
• 405ABV  Pediatric (With Straps) 4.75 cm x 12.38 cm BOX 48

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