Rectoscopes Disposable Sapimed

• Early diagnosis of colorectal cancers and other bowel diseases
• Single use
• Range of sizes and scopes with tough, high tech multi-use grips
• Designed for use with GLF100 cold light source and fibre-optic cables
• External cm markings on tubes
• Flash free
• Latex free

A.4113  BOX of 25
Short Rectoscope Transparent tube Length 130mm, Internal Ø 17mm, External Ø 19,6mm

A.4125  BOX of 25
Rectoscope Transparent tube Length 250mm, Internal Ø 17mm, External Ø 19,6mm 

A.4130  BOX of 50
Rectosigmascope “Rigid-flexible” White tube length: 300mm, Internal Ø 13,4mm, External Ø 19,5mm 

A.4131  BOX of 10
Grip Tough, multi-use plastic grip. For models:A.4113 - A.4120 - A.4125 - A.4125V - A.4130 Equipped with: Hinged closure incorporating lens and insufflator connection. Easy-to-attach press fitting for cold light source cable. Cleaning instructions for limited re-use. 

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