VBM - LTS-D Laryngeal Tube Suction Disposable

• Effective Ventilation – The redesign of the ventilation section offers more space in the hypopharynx. Multiple ventilation outlets between both cuffs lie in front of the larynx, allowing an appropriate tidal volume.
• Patient Safety – Thin walled cuffs guarantee a maximum airway leak pressure at low cuff pressure (< 60 cm H2O) making the LTS-D atraumatic to the mucosa.
• Drain Tube - Largest suction possibility with easy access. Tube sizes up to 18 Fr.
• Colour Coding – Connector and syringe are colour coordinated and clearly indicate the maximum recommended inflation volume during cuff inflation.
• Established – Renowned international medical organisations have included the Laryngeal Tube as part of their current guidelines.

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